Below you will find the support form. Kindly read our short FAQ below before contacting us.

– What wallet can I use?
Go to and download the wallet for your operating system. Other options are and the android and IOS wallets.

– Where will I see my tokens?
Provided you did not use the wrong wallet, check the portfolio or assets tab in your Waves wallet. Note the point below as well.

– My Deflationcoins have not arrived yet!!!!!!!
The airdrop will be distributed after the airdrop closes. It will take a while to send out all the tokens [DO NOT SEND A SUPPORT TICKET ABOUT NOT HAVING RECEIVED TOKENS YET BEFORE THE 25TH OF MARCH! SENDING A TICKET BEFORE THIS TIME MAY SEE YOU DISQUALIFIED FROM THE AIRDROP]

– I used an ether address by accident. What do I do now?
Use the form below to adjust your address.

– I want to learn more about Deflationcoin!
Have a look at, good to hear you want to learn more.